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” they hear the loud thud of Track slamming the phone down in the other room, and see an angry Track pacing around in his room, yelling, “I’m gonna fucking kick his ass! 51) Track then drives straight over to Levi’s house and, according to Bristol, “let’s just say Track was an ‘abstinence only’ advocate when it came to his sisters, and he was ready to enforce that philosophy with his fists.” Bristol immediately texts her brother to not tell their parents about her having sex, and Track replies, “Only if you promise to never do that again! However, some of the other kids at school begin giving Bristol a hard time.

They began by threatening Bristol and telling her to stay away from their boyfriends, and then, things got serious when some of Bristol’s classmates posted an Internet threat against Willow.

3) Levi keeps replacing her finished wine coolers with new ones, and soon Bristol hits “that awful wall” that takes her from a “happy buzz” into “the dark abyss of drunkenness.” (Pg.

3) The last thing she remembers is sitting by the fire and laughing with friends, and doesn’t remember waking up in her tent the next morning “with something obviously askew.”Levi Takes Advantage of Her Bristol awakens in her tent, with no recollection of the night before.

As Payton was recovering from the shock, Uncle Mike looked over at Bristol and said, “Bristol, you’re next.” (Pg.A few days later, he invites her to the movies, and after the film, leans in to kiss Bristol. “Of course, he was texting a girl—because he was with that girl when I wasn’t around,” recalls Bristol.Afterward, he looks her in the eye and says, “I just had to do that.” “Why? It would be the first of several lies Levi allegedly told, including lying about owning a truck, saying he’d catch fish when he didn’t catch any, bragging about having money when he didn’t, etc.First Brush With Alcohol Bristol lies to her mother, Sarah Palin, telling her she’s “going to stay the night at Ema’s house,” (Pg.2) but instead goes off on a camping trip in Point Mac Kenzie with her “ruggedly handsome boyfriend,” Levi Johnston.

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Bristol and her friend Lauden immediately purchase a bunch of home pregnancy tests, and Bristol tests positive eight times.

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